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Submitting Service Hours

  • After logging in to your VKSU profile, click on the box with the stopwatch symbol. 
  • Click on the Add Hours button and this will direct you to the online form. Please ignore, the Export Hours button!
  • Complete the online form – make sure that all fields are answered!
  • Please complete a form for each volunteer site that you visited.
  • Please note, you must submit a form for each date of service and not the total number of hours that you volunteered!


What happens next?

  • An email will be sent to your volunteer site(s) to verify that you have successfully completed your hours.
  • Once the agency has confirmed your hours, then a notice will be sent to VSLS for the final approval.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to input your hours! Since the verification process has two steps, it may take up to two weeks (2) for hours to be approved! This is especially important to remember if you have a class or fee waiver deadline.


Keep in Mind...

  • Just because the agency approves your hours, that doesn't mean that the process is complete! VKSU must approve all service hours before they are sent to your professor or advisor.  
  • VSLS has not changed its policy regarding the verification process, so please don’t feel compelled to fabricate the number of hours that you volunteered!
  • VSLS has the rights and privileges to deny service hours if you do not follow the necessary guidelines set forth by the VSLS office to obtain your service hours!
  • You will not receive VKSU credit for volunteering with an agency and/or organization that hasn’t already been approved by the VSLS office prior to you starting your service hours.
  • All hours must be tracked in the VKSU system! Letters, emails, faxes, or phone calls from the individual agencies will not be accepted.
  • Individuals suspected of falsifying service hours will be referred to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity for violating the KSU Codes of Conduct. Please click here to locate the KSU Codes of Conduct. 


Volunteer Resume

  • Once the hours have been approved by VSLS, then you can access a copy of those records under the Print Volunteer Resume link.