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Who We Are

We are an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that specializes in connecting cultures. We use Igbo traditional system within the folklore structure and standards to strengthen the traditional learning environment. This has given storytellers, instructors, students, parents, guardians, participants in general, and those involved in teaching and coaching individuals of diverse age groups the opportunity to do their jobs without obstructions.

What We Do

Through our Storytelling, Games, Drumming, and Dance, we create joyful and bonding environments. We help employees bond together through our games. We teach cultural relations. We teach children positive behaviors for homes and schools. We link what we do to how people relate to one another: Students, Teachers, Family, Friends, and Communities. Through our games, individuals, groups, and communities are happy. They relieve stress because they experience live performance. Participants are active and connected to one another, and they are more productive in what they do. We bridge the gap and enhance the communication and relationship that exist among diverse groups of people.