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Zoe Safe House NonProfit

Who We Are

Zoe Safe House is a Georgia certified domestic nonprofit corporation. Zoe Safe House is a 501c3 as recognized by the federal government. The primary goal of the organization is to provide community based assistance in the form of coaching, mentorship, and community service to urban youth in order to provide them with the resources and outlets that they need to become successful adults.

What We Do

Zoe Safe House currently offers four program initiatives for urban youth. Each program is module based. The programs are offered at both the middle school and high school level. Each program has one common goal, and that is to enrich the lives of the young men and women in our inner city by providing mentorships that will promote the ideas of personal development, pro-social relationships, collegiate preparation, and empowerment while emphasizing societal awareness. Our organization plans to enrich and foster the lives of the students in APS by creating a trusting environment! We will promote educational advancement incorporated with mentorship in order to ensure that these students will have the tools necessary to thrive not just academically but in all fields of life!