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Who We Are

The word "Lekotek" comes from the Swedish word "lek," meaning play, and the Greek suffix "tek" meaning library. Lekotek is based on a Scandinavian model of early intervention and special education. Loosely translated, Lekotek means play library, but to the 5,500 families Lekotek has helped, it's so much more.

Since December 1983, Lekotek of Georgia has provided program services to more than 5,500 families traveling from thirty-one Georgia counties and three states. Currently 600 families receive services every year. Lekotek serves children with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, attention deficit disorders, speech delays, cognitive delays, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hearing and/or vision loss, mitochondrial disorder, other neuromuscular disorders, and spina bifida. We primarily serve children from birth to 8 years of age, with computer services also available to adolescents and young adults. Minimal fees are charged for some activities, but full and partial scholarships are always available and no family is ever denied services due to inability to pay.


What We Do

Using adapted toys, educational materials, computer equipment and iPads, Lekotek provides opportunities for kids to have fun and learn along the way. It is a safe haven from medical appointments and therapies. It is a place where there are no expectations to perform, a place where parents find resources and support.

The world of Lekotek is one filled with laughter and joy coupled with hard work and personal challenges. Children with disabilities face challenges interacting with family members and participating in school and community activities. That's why we're here. Lekotek facilitates successful inclusion in all aspects of life. Lekotek occupies a unique niche in the lives of kids with disabilities. It’s a welcome break from therapy. Yet through play, Lekotek promotes inclusion and frequent byproducts of play result in mastering therapy goals. All children learn through play and Lekotek provides a recreational environment to meet the special needs of every child. Lekotek’s philosophy is that every child can be successful with adaptations. Adapted toys, software and computer input devices are our tools to help any child with a disability.


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